Our Mission


We believe all children should be able to lead happy, successful lives. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring the next generation has access to an quality education and the tools to drive our economy forward. Our country is strongest when our workers are trained with the knowledge and ingenuity to perform at the highest levels. Every child should have the opportunity to reach that horizon and to fulfill the American Dream

Jobs and the Economy

We are working to grow an economy that strengthens our country and middle-class families for the long run. We are committed to helping all Americans confront the challenges of the 21st century by spurring job creation, rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in clean-energy technologies and small businesses, and restoring fairness and opportunity to our economy.

Immigration Reform

We believe in a more permanent solution that keeps families together and our country safe, which is why Congress needs to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill similar to the one that Senate Democrats passed in the last Congress.

Making a change

We want to unite the Democratic Hispanic Community in Sarasota County through education, voter registration, get out the vote programs for federal, state and local elections, seeking and supporting candidates to represent our Community and its values.